Nonna means “grandmother” in Italian, and everything she stands for– tradition, wisdom, beauty– is at the center of our original and most popular collection. Steeped in tradition, the designs are mainly round or oval and complement classic interiors. Each piece contains over 25-30 designs. According to our artisans, creating this collection is like writing a symphony.

Table Cloth
DescriptionGrandmother’s traditional design showcases the intricacy and beauty of traditional needlework; one lovingly-crafted pieces of lace in the center of the cloth draws all eyes to it.

380cm x 200cm – 150” x 79”

310cm x 200cm – 122” x 79”
450cm x 220cm – 177” x 87”
240cm Diameter – 95”Diameter

Colors Available

White/White     Grey/White     Beige/Beige

The table linen is also available with double layer lace.

DescriptionMake it a set by making sure to order elegant Nonna placemats to complement your tablecloth. A center design bordered in small circle-bursts showcases your china and offer a classic look that is always appreciated by family, friends and guests.

37cm Diameter – 15”

Colors Available

White/White    Beige/Beige